From invisible to invaluable

Areflective heart centered journey to the career and life you deserve!

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My welcome message

  Feeling frustrated, stuck, invisible, undervalued, and overwhelmed?

You’ve spent all your time filling up someone else's cup instead of your own.

Ignoring and shoving down that inkling, that knowing, that nudge that keeps popping up…whispering…there MUST be more to this…to life…to YOU

I See you.

I Feel you.

I was you.

Sweet soul, you’re no longer alone. 

Join a heart-opening journey where YOUR answers are waiting for you.

I believe we each have a part of ourselves that wants to be unleashed, discovered, and ignited. - Once it’s tapped into, witnessed, seen, and experienced you become ALIVE.

You discover your true ESSENCE and land in your soul, your passions, and purpose in ways you never experienced before.

You go from feeling invisible to invaluable in every single area of your life. You're transformed from the inside out.

I'll help you discover your uniqueness and value by rebuilding confidence & trust in who YOU are and what you have to offer the world.

We ignite new perspectives & insights that support YOU in taking actionable steps towards empowerment and land in authenticity. Aligning superpowers, passion & purpose – leading to a successful heart centered reflective living in career & personal life.


Your tigress energy is ignited from within.

Let her lead the way.


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Why work with Natalie?

Transparent in her unravelling, Natalie shares her own journey and the in-between moments she felt were destroying her. You will learn how she took steps to build herself back up – making her the woman she is today.

 With a combined 15 years of experience as a career coach and human resources recruiter, she's helped hundreds of clients over the years. What sets this big-hearted creative apart from other career coaches is her emphasis on the inner work, devoting the last 10 years focused on her own self-love, spiritual and personal development journey.

Tapping into her client's uniqueness, she works to discover their true essence, helping them find their purpose and transform from the inside out. And that's where the real magic happens.

Get ready to have a heart to heart about life and careers – the good, the bad and the uncomfortable. Unleash, discover and ignite your true self and become ALIVE.

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" Natalie, you have no idea how much of an impact working with you has made on me and my life this year during my downtime after my lay off. I was quite lost, but your patience, expertise and your tools created so much clarity for me to move forward. Please accept this token of appreciation as an indisputable affirmation of your passion and mission."


K. L

Listen up, Buttercup.

Your soul is calling.

​Answer by becoming a Soul Whispers insider.

Your soul will thank you.



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